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A day in paradise  Le Gosier,  Guadeloupe


Embark on a motor boat to discover the Grand Cul-de-Sac Marin. You go up the Salt River and sail in the heart of the biggest mangrove of the island, magic place by its forest of mangroves, nursery to the birds, true biotope. Direction the islet Caret, Eden blue bordering the larg  more »

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ALONG FOR THE ADVENTURE Want to explore? Do not hesitate any more and embark in 4x4 in the heart of an authentic, secret and luxurious Guadeloupe with your naturalist guide.   .Lowland • LEAVE NORTH, you will discover unsuspected corners on the island. After an incursion  more »

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Boat rental with skipper  Le Gosier,  Guadeloupe


If you wish to escape to the Caribbean Sea, discover the coast of the island with the butterfly and its small coves or simply dock on one of its islets, Go sailing on our tropical waters and compose your itinerary a la carte. A fleet of twenty boats is at your disposal fully eq  more »

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Boat rental without skipper  Le Gosier,  Guadeloupe


Si vous souhaitez vous évader dans la mer des caraïbes, découvrir les côtes de l’île au papillon et ses petites criques ou tout simplement accoster sur l’un de ses îlets, Partez voguer sur nos eaux tropicales et composez votre itinéraire à la carte. Une flotte d’u  more »

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Cane, sugar and rum  Le Gosier,  Guadeloupe


Humor, taste, savor ... immerse yourself in the history of sugar cane through a hike to an ancient sugar harbor, the discovery of a sweet, and a distillery. Cane, sugar and rum will no longer have secrets for you. The opportunity also to introduce you to the art and the use of th  more »

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MEET at 09h00 on the beach of the Créole Beach Hôtel& Spa, at the boathouse, to board the TI CATA to explore the Grand Cul de Sac Marin. You will also sail up the RivièreSalée and navigate to the heart of the largest mangrove forest of the island, with its magical mangrove f  more »

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Discovering the mangrove by jet ski  Le Gosier,  Guadeloupe


Meet at 8h30 on the beach of the Créole Beach Hôtel, for a safety briefing and for driving advice. Equipped and operational the adventure can begin. You mount your jet ski to discover the beauty of the Petit Cul de Sac Marin. An unusual way of accessing the mangrove, you are  more »

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Fly Board: I fly on the water  Le Gosier,  Guadeloupe


A crazy thing, extreme sensations! Impressed at first, we are very quickly put at ease by the monitor, we take the game. We let ourselves be guided by his advice, to take the height. Guaranteed Effects! 20 memorable moments that you immortalize with the GoPro To remake !!  more »

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Grand Cul-de-Sac Marin sailing  Le Gosier,  Guadeloupe


Embark on AZIMUT for an unforgettable day in the Grand Cul-de-Sac Marin lagoon. Rendezvous: fishing port of Baie-Mahault at 08:30. An hour of sailing in the lagoon of the Grand Cul-de-Sac Marin will lead us to the nature reserve near the Îlet Fajou. Take advantage of this para  more »

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